Every owner and family wants a dog to be a kind, functional, and fun member of their family. That does not happen without effort or education. Consider dog training as a worthy investment of your time and money to help your dog learn the commands and manners necessary to be a wonderful member of your family. Without proper training and socialization, dog ownership can be a frustrating, expensive, and problematic endeavor!



Our Trainer, Tiffany





Puppy Kindergarten - $100

Puppies Age 12 Weeks - 6 Months


This class will teach you how to teach your puppy the skills necessary to be a happy and fun part of the family. We will trouble shoot new puppy issues and your puppy will learn basic skills. Puppy vaccinations need to be current and verified for ages 3 months and older prior to class start date.


Date: Mondays @ 6:15 starting November 6th



Beginner Obedience - $120

Open to Any Dog 6 months and older


This class is where most of your basic and necessary skills are learned and perfected. Your dog will come away from this class with the basic skills necessary to go places and know they can be good dog citizens.


Date: Mondays at 7:30 starting November 6th 


Wednesdays at 6:15 starting November 8th




Intermediate I & II Obedience - $120

Open to Any Dog That Has Completed The Dogwood Beginner Obedience Class


Here you will focus on perfecting basic obedience skills and introducing more complex exercises, such as off leash work and distractions. Intermediate skills also include proofing of previously learned commands, such as increasing the duration of the "stay" or moving out of sight during a "down" exercise. These skills will help you to pass your Canine Good Citizen test. Sessions are 7 weeks long. 1 hour class per week.


Date: Intermediate I  Thursdays at 6:15 starting November 9th

Date: Intermediate II Thursdays at 7:30 starting November 9th




Canine Good Citizen Testing - $25

Open to dogs that have passed 2 obedience training classes (this does not include puppy kindergarten)

Date: TBD


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