Modified Daycare

Due to staffing challenges, effective August 23, we will temporarily be running a modified daycare that will include individual rest breaks throughout the day. Once staffing needs are met we will return to our usual style daycare.

4th of July Boarding

What are we doing to minimize stress for our boarders?

The Dogwood and COVID-19 update 3/23/20

Because of the Corona Virus outbreak The Dogwood is taking the following actions to keep our staff and customers safe based on the CDC and Federal recommendations.

The Dogwood and COVID-19  update 3/23/20

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Fecal Test: In effect June 15, 2018

Fecal Test: In effect June 1, 2018

Please bring in proof once this has been done or have your vet fax it to us. Fax: 605.232.8909


Here at The Dogwood Pet Hotel & Day Spa, your pet’s safety is our top priority. We strive to give your pet the best care while giving them a sense of home and for you a sense of mind that they are in good hands. We have decided to add an annual fecal test to our list of required vaccinations, which is to come back negative for parasites. This vaccination requirement is for all of our services: boarding, daycare, grooming and training. We called a few local vets in the area and they said that you do not need to have a vet appointment for this test to be done. Even if your dog is taking medication, such as heartworm medication, we still require a fecal test to be done.





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