At The Dogwood, your expectations are sure to be exceeded by our first class accommodations and amenities, including soothing music, room service, spacious rooms with cozy beds, full service grooming salon, and a caring staff to ensure your pet is comfortable and showered with TLC. You can be assured that from start to finish, your pet will have the ultimate experience at The Dogwood.



Need A Lift?
We Offer Pet Transportation!


Call us to arrange a time for us to pickup/drop off your pet. We have a deluxe, custom designed van to safely transport every sized pet.


Call Us Today At (605) 232-3647 For A Ride!



Only Here For A Day?
Day Care / Stay Is For You!


Day Care is for social dogs to have fun in daily, supervised play groups of like size and play style. Day Stay is an alternative to our day care program for guests who enjoy private socialization instead of group play.


Learn More About Day Care / Day Stay.


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